#467 – A History of the Catholic Church – Changing Rituals

In this episode, we look at changes in the Church’s liturgical and sacramental practice in the first half of the 5th century – how the church of Rome used liturgy to promote unity and Augustine’s problem with a congregant over liturgical innovation [on Augustine’s part]. We finish with an examination of the developing understanding of Christian education.

Drawing of Changes in the clerical pallium

Augustine On the Teacher and On Christian Doctrine

Papanicolaou – The Educational Principles of St. Augustine”

Salzman, Michele Renee. “Leo’s Liturgical Topography: Contestations for Space in Fifth-Century Rome.” The Journal of Roman Studies 103 (2013): 208-32.

“Augustine on liberal education: Defender and defensive” The Heythrop Journal 51(3):377 – 387 · August 2009 

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To listen, just click on the link below:
#467 – A History of the Catholic Church – Changing Rituals


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