#466 – A History of the Catholic Church – Combating Error

The increasing dominance of the Catholic Church over its rivals was revealed in the legislation of the Roman Empire and in the violence of monks against pagans, Jews, and heretics. Indeed, by the mid-5th century, we find a growing willingness to punish theological differences with the highest penalties.

Photo of Santa Sabina with pillars taken from destroyed pagan temple by Dnalor 01

Imperial laws against pagans, Jews, and heretics

Augustine on pagan violence in Suffectum and in Calama and here.

Socrates Scholasticus on violence by Jews

Hunt, E. D. St. Stephen in Minorca: An Episode in Jewish-Christian Relations in the Early 5th Century A.D.

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To listen, just click on the link below:
#466 – A History of the Catholic Church – Combating Error


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