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#387 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Destruction of the Serapeum

Ambrose of Milan helps Theodosius after an unfortunate incident in Thessalonica. The complex and tumultuous relationship between Christians and Pagans is explored including Christian desecration of pagan temples such as the famous Serapeum of Alexandria.

Painting of Saint Ambrose barring Theodosius I from the Milan Cathedral by Anthony van Dyck.

Theodoret on the incident at Thessalonica

Rufinus on the destruction of the Serapeum

Photos of the ruins of the Serapeum today

Judith S. McKenzie, Shiela Gibson and A. T. Reyes. “Reconstructing the Serapeum in Alexandria from the Archaeological Evidence”. The Journal of Roman Studies. Vol. 94 (2004). 73-121.

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#387 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Destruction of the Serapeum