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#417 – A History of the Catholic Church – No Salvation outside the Church

Continuing political and ecclesiastical conflict in the Western Europe. Donatist and Catholic bishops meet in Carthage, but the results are far from
happy for the Donatists. We take a look at the difference between the theology of the Donatists and Augustine.



Painting of Augustine arguing with the Donatists by Charles-André van Loo.

Donatist bishop Petilan on the theology of the Church

Augustine’s response to Petilan

Other sources for this week’s episode:
Maureen A. Tilley, “Dilatory Donatists or Procrastinating Catholics: The Trial at the Conference of Carthage”, Church History, Vol. 60, No. 1 (Mar., 1991), pp. 7-19

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#417 – A History of the Catholic Church – No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church