#419 – A History of the Catholic Church – Preachers of Sinlessness

The Pelagian Controversy heats up as Saint Jerome finds serious problems with Pelagius’ views on free will and grace. Jerome, Augustine, and Pelagius vie for the support of the powerful Demetrias.

Image of Jerome mistakenly represented as a cardinal.

Augustine On Holy Virginity
Augustine’s later letter to Demetrias’ relatives

Pelagius’ letter to Demetrias
The Sentences of Sextus

Jerome’s letter to Demetrias
Jerome’s letter to Domnio referring to “unnamed monk”/possibly Pelagius
Jerome’s letter to Ctesiphon first making reference to Pelagius
Jerome Against the Pelagians

Differences between Traducianism and Creationism on the origin of the soul

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To listen, just click on the link below:
#419 – A History of the Catholic Church – Preachers of Sinlessness


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