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#374 – A History of the Catholic Church – Jerome Versus Ambrosiaster

After a brief examination of the 382 Synod of Rome and Damasus’ views on the primacy of the bishop of Rome, we look at the first part of Jerome’s work on the Vulgate – his revision of the Gospels. Today Jerome is praised for his work on what will become the official Latin version of the New Testament. However, that was not so much the case at the beginning.

Painting of Saint Jerome by José de Ribera

The Damasine List of Canonical Scriptures reputedly accepted at the 382 Synod of Rome

Resources on the Vetus Latina or Old Latin Scriptures

Peter Lorenz’ blog posts on Jerome, Ambrosiaster and their conflict over the validity of the Vetus Latina

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#374 – A History of the Catholic Church – Jerome Versus Ambrosiaster