#403 – A History of the Catholic Church – Holy Relics

In this episode, we look at the veneration of the relics of the saints and the growing acceptance of the division of the bodies of saints among multiple shrines.


The Trier Ivory possibly showing the translation of the relics of Saint Stephen to Constantinople by Chris 73.

Reliquary of San Nazaro

Brescia Casket

List of saints having feast days according to Calendar of 354

The Hymn Apostolorum Passio sung on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Jerome’s http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/3010.htmAgainst Vigilantius and Letter about Vigilantius on the validity of venerating relics

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To listen, just click on the link below:
#403 – A History of the Catholic Church – Holy Relics


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