#393 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Basilicas of Milan

As an imperial capital, Milan saw some of the most significant architectural innovation in the 4th century. We also look at some of the ways that Christians expressed their faith in art.


Photo of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Milan by Fabio Alessandro

Map of 4th century Milan/Mediolanum Milan/Mediolanum

San Lorenzo in Milan
Architectural plan

Basilica Martyrum/Ambrogio
3-D Tour
Relics of Ambrose, Gervasius and Protasius
Mosaic of Ambrose
Images of other early mosaics
Architectural plan

Basilica Apostolorum/San Nazaro
Information and images in Italian
Information, images and drawings of original basilica – in Italian
3-D reconstruction of original basilica
Constantine’s Church of the Holy Apostles that served as a model – page also contains floor plan of Basilica Apostolorum
Artist depiction of original Church of the Holy Apostles of Constantine
Ambrose’s epigraph on importance of cross shape

Basilica Virgino/San Simpliciano
Information and images in Italian

Alleged letter of Epiphanius describing destruction of religious image

Basil the Great’s defense of images in On The Holy Spirit> #45.

Lots of images of early Christian artistic objects

Christian Red Slip Ware Pottery
Information on Roman lamps in general

Christian Intaglio
Intaglo of Crucifixion
Early images of Crucifixion

Information on and images of Christian gold-glass

The Projecta Casket

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To listen, just click on the link below:
#393 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Basilicas of Milan


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