#394 – A History of the Catholic Church – Christ in Triumph

The growing strength of the Catholic Church is reflected in the changing depiction of Christ in art and angels get wings.


Photo of the Apse Mosaic of Christ in the basilica of Santa Pudenziana

3rd century image of Christ the Good Shepherd

4th century painting of the Resurrection of Lazarus

Painting of Christ as teacher/philosopher

Christ as Lawgiver on the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus

Santa Costanza Tradio Legis Mosaic

Santa Costanza mosaic of Christ giving keys to Saint Peter

Mosaic of Christ the Lawgiver in Basilica of San Lorenzo in Milan

Santa Pudenziana Mosaic
Rebecca Franzella Seeing the Divine: The Origin, Iconography, and Content of Santa Pudenziana’s Apse Mosaic

Portrait of Christ in Catacombs of Commodilla

Image of Christ in Catacombs of Domitilla with Sabellian description

Baptistry of Keliba

Therese Martin The Development of Winged Angels in Early Christian Art
2nd century image of the Annunciation
4th century image of Sacrifice of Isaac
Image of pagan Altar of Victory
Late 4th/Early 5th century depiction of Angels with Wings on a sarcophagus

Other sources:
Felicity Harley Christianity and the Transformation of Classical Art
J.-M. Spieser. “The Representation of Christ in the Apses of Early Christian Churches.” Gesta 37, no. 1 (1998): 63-73.

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#394 – A History of the Catholic Church – Christ in Triumph


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