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#365 – A History of the Catholic Church – Bishop of a Divided City

The death of Jovian leads to the advent of the Valentinian Dynasty and the split of the empire between the pro-Nicene Valentinian in the West and his pro-Homoean brother Valens as ruler of the East. Divisions in the Church continue due to the Trinitarian Controversy. In Rome, Damasus and Ursinus struggle for power.


Image of conflict between supporters of Damasus and Ursinus by Jan Luyken in Tafereelen der eerste Christenen 1740.

Map of Roman Empire at time of Valentinian and Valens

Pages with images and information on Damasus’ Philocalian script

Damasus of Rome: The Epigraphic Poetry by Dennis Trout

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#365 – A History of the Catholic Church – Bishop of a Divided City