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#463 – A History of the Catholic Church – Making a Joyful Noise

Augustine tells us how music should be composed and appreciated, as well as letting us know his favorite hymn. Synesius of Cyrene, Sedulius, Mesrop Mashtots and Maruthas of Martyropolis give us examples of music appreciated by Christians both inside and outside the Roman Empire.

Image of hymn A solis ortus cardine.

Article on Augustine’s Musical thought

Ambrose’ Deus Creator Omnium in English

Hymns of Synesius in English
Audio of hymn ascribed to Synesius

About Sedulius

Hymns of Sedulius in Latin and in English/Latin and here

Sedulius’ “A solils ortus cardine” in Gregorian chant

Ktsurds by Mesrop Mashtots – in English

Audio of hymn by Mesrop Mashtots

The English translation to Maruthas of Martyroplis’ hymn Onyatha d-Sahde can be found here

Audio of hymn Onyatha d-Sahde ascribed to Maruthas of Martyropolis

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To listen, just click on the link below:
#463 – A History of the Catholic Church – Making a Joyful Noise