#341 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Presbyter Of Alexandria

The presbyter Arius and his bishop Alexander enter into a theological dispute regarding the relationship between the Father and the Son, whether the Son is divine or instead a creature. This is a dispute that comes to involve not only the Christians of Alexandria, but Christians throughout Egypt and Libya.


Image of Fresco of Abraham and the Three Angels at Mamre. This 4th century image of the Via Latina Catacomb was an early way of depicting the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Documents concerning Arius including his writings

Map showing bishops who supported Arius

Various chronologies concerning the Arian Controversy

Map of the Egyptian Dioceses that would have been under Alexander of Alexandria, including Upper/Superior Libya and Lower/Inferior Libya On the map, the Dioecesis Orientis will come under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Antioch at the Council of Nicaea

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#341 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Presbyter Of Alexandria


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