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#361 – A History of the Catholic Church – Kesate Birhan

The first half of the 4th century saw the continued expansion of Christianity into lands outside the Roman Empire. Ulfilas will bring homoean Arianism to the Goths. Frumentius will bring homoousianism to the Kingdom of Axum – modern Ethiopia. In the Sassanid Empire, Christians find themselves under a persecution that will dwarf anything experienced under Decian and Diocletian.


Image of Ulfilas

Map of Gothic Lands

The Gothic Alphabet of Ulfilas

The Our Father in Gothic

Map of Kingdom of Axum

The Our Father in Ge’ez

The Ezana Stone showing the adoption of Christianity by the Kingdom of Axum

Letter of Constantius II to King Ezana

On Ethiopia and the Ark of the Covenant

Stories of the Persian Martyrs

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#361 – A History of the Catholic Church – Kesate Birhan