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#373 – A History of the Catholic Church – Union with God

Last week, we heard Basil the Great’s advice for separation from the things of the world. This week, we hear the advice of Pseudo-Macarius and Gregory of Nyssa for praying constantly and entering into deeper union with God.

Icon of Gregory of Nyssa

The Spiritual Homilies of Pseudo-Macarius

Hieromonk Alexander Golitzin’s presentation A Testimony to Christianity as Transfiguration: The Macarian Homilies and Orthodox Spirituality

Comments on Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses

Comments on Gregory of Nyssa’s Homilies on the Song of Songs

John Meyendorff, “St. Basil, Messalianism and Byzantine Christianity,” St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 28 (1980), 219-234.

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#373 – A History of the Catholic Church – Union with God