#350 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Conversion of Georgia

As with the Church in Egypt, the Syriac Church in the East will develop its own monastic traditions – following the examples of Julianus Saba, Jacob of Nisibis and Aphrahat. This period also witnesses the conversion of the Kingdom of Iberia to Christianity under the influence of Saint Nino – Equal to the Apostles.


Image of the Saint Nino.

Selections from Aphrahat’s “Demonstrations”

Pope Benedict XVI’s words on Aphrahat

Traditional accounts of the conversion of Iberia

Map of the region between the Roman and Sassanid Empires – showing location of Armenia and Iberia

Alexander Angelov, “Bishop over ‘Those Outside’: Imperial Diplomacy and the Boundaries of Constantine’s Christianity, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 54 2014 274-292.

Sidney H. Griffith, “Julian Saba, ‘Father of the Monks’ of Syria,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 2 (1994) 185-216.

Cornelia B. Horn, “St. Nino and the Christianization of Pagan Georgia”, Medieval Encounters 4 (3) 1998, pp. 242-264.

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#350 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Conversion of Georgia


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