#348 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Anchorites

Alongside the rise of Christianity under the reign of Constantine also comes the rise of semi-eremetical monasticism under the examples of Amun/Ammon, founder of the communities of Nitria and Kellia, and Macarius the Great, founder of the community of Scetis. The Desert Fathers provide examples of Christian living and play important roles in Roman society.


Image of the monastic community of Kellia as it looks today by Geo24

Photographs and maps of hermitages in Egypt and Sudan

Maps and information on Nitria, Kellia and Scetis

More information on Nitria, Kellia, and Scetis – including images of monastic cells

Lucian Regnault, “The Day to Day Life of the Desert Fathers in Fourth Century Egypt”

Hugh G. Evelyn White, “The Monasteries of Wadi ‘N Natrun”

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#348 – A History of the Catholic Church – The Anchorites


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