#254 – The Congolese Rite

From the earliest days of the Church, Catholics have sought how to best express the eternal truths of the faith in their own distinctive cultural experience. While the Catholic faith came to the Democratic Republic of the Congo through European missionaries, the Congolese people have sought liturgical expressions which come from the Spirit that truly dwells among them.

Photos of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger celebrating the Congolese Rite.
Videos of Congolese worship can be found here, here, and here.
Photo of Lubumbashi Cathedral in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by Nick Hobgood

Other sources:
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podcasticon#254 – The Congolese Rite


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    If you read german, you may be interrested in this small booklet about the Zairian Rite: “Zairischer Meßritus”; probabely the only one about this topic still available in German.

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