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#489 – A History of the Catholic Church – Anno Domini

In this episode, we look at the Easter Tables of Dionysius Exiguus, the beginnings of the Anno Domini dating system, historical Chronicles and the Liber Pontificalis – all seeking to present God as Lord of time and history.

Image of Ravenna Paschal/Easter Calendar by Apatak.

The Collectio Dionysiana – Dionysius’ work on canon law

Dionysius Exiguus’ Easter Table and see here

Gustav Teres “Time Computations and Dionysius Exiguus”

Immo Warntjes “The argumenta of Dionysius Exiguus and their early recensions”

The Chronicle of Cassiodorus

Richard W. Burgess – “Hydatius: A Late Roman Chronicler”

Michael Kulikowski – “The History and Origins of the Latin Chronicle Tradition”

The Liber Pontificalis

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#489 – A History of the Catholic Church – Anno Domini