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Catholic locations recently declared World Heritage sites

image by Cybjorg~commonswiki

Bethany beyond the Jordan – believed to be the location of St. John the Baptist’s baptism of Jesus

image by Travis Witt

San Antonio Missions in Texas

Catholic sites in Sicily – including Cathedrals of Cefal├╣ and Monreale


#289 – A History of the Catholic Church – Background


After a long wait, Catholic: Under The Hood returns with the beginning of a look at the long history of the Catholic Church. We begin with an overview of the Greek, Roman and Jewish cultural influences that will help guide the growth of the Church from its earliest beginnings up to the modern day.

Map of Hellenistic Territories
Map of Roman Empire at time of birth of Jesus
Map of Judea at time of Jesus

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podcasticon#289 – A History of the Catholic Church – Background