#287 – The Ambassador to the Vatican – Part Two

Finally, in 1984, full diplomatic relations were established between the US and the Holy See, something that managed to bring Catholics and non-Catholics together – on both sides of the issue.

Website of the Embassy of the United States to the Holy See

Bettwy, Samuel W. “United States-Vatican Recognition: Background and Issues.” Catholic Lawyer. 29. Summer 1984. 225-265
Essig, Andrew M. and Jennifer L. Moore. “U.S.-Holy See Diplomacy: The Establishment of Formal Relations, 1984”. The Catholic Historical Review. 95. #4. October 2009. 741-764.
Wood, Jr., James E. “Editorial – U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.” Journal of Church and State. 26. #2. Spring 1984. 197-207.

Flag photo by Magnus Manske

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podcasticon#287 – The Ambassador to the Vatican – Part Two”


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