#281 – The Goliards

The Goliards enjoyed wine, women, song and complaining about the Catholic hierarchy. Their poems and pranks caused scandal and brought down upon them the wrath of the Church authorities.

The Confession of Golias
Other Goliardic poetry
Poems from the Carmina Burana
Youtube – Goliardic poem Meum est Propositum in Taberna Mori
Youtube – O Fortuna

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podcasticon#281 – The Goliards


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  1. Glenn
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 7:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Many have noted that Catholicism is a rather serious-minded religion. A biography on Augustine I recently finished reading commented on the almost total lack of humor in his writings. While the Goliards seem to have crossed the line into too much irreverence, no one can say those Catholics didn’t have a humorous bent.

    The poem “Lets Away With Study” read at the end was marvelous. Although an academic myself, I must admit that the sentiments it expresses resonate. Another podcast that expanded my faith, horizons, and understanding of the Church.

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