#268 – Las Brigadas Femeninas

Las Brigadas Femeninas de Santa Juana de Arco were instrumental in the successes of the Cristeros in their war against the government of Mexico. These women faced arrest, imprisonment, and even the opposition from some within the Catholic Church as they struggled for religious freedom.

Article on the Cristeros
Wikipedia has a brief article on Las Brigadas in English

Miller, Sr. Barbara. “The Role of Women in the Mexican Cristero Rebellion: Las Señoras y Las Religiosas”. The Americas. 40, no. 3. 303-323.
Miller, Sr. Barbara. “Women and Revolution: The Brigadas Femeninas and the Mexican Cristero Rebellion, 1926-1929.” In Women and Politics in Twentieth Century Latin America. Williamsburg: College of William and Mary, 1981. 57-66.
Salas, Elizabeth. Soldaderas in the Mexican Military: Myth and History. University of Texas, 1990.

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podcasticon#268 – Las Brigadas Femeninas


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  1. Rafael Gutierrez U.
    Posted August 21, 2012 at 8:54 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I listened to the recording about the Brigadas Femeninas Santa Juana de Arco, and I just want to ask something: who was the woman that took control
    and the great responsibility of the Brigades in several states of Mexico, among them Jalisco, Colima, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Zacatecas? This person was Maria Luisa L. de Uribe who under the name of Mrs. Richaud became a strong defender of the faith and commander of the Brigades. She suffer the isolation of a cell in a military prison in Guadalajara; “El Cuartel Colorado” as it was named. She was judged as “Generala” (General)his prosecutor was the General Aguirre Colorado, and she, with the help of God was her own defender. Even belonging to a family with the strongest law offices in Guadalajara (the Perez-Verdia Law Offices). By then she was already the mother of three children: Luis Carlos, Mario Rene and Beatriz. She had an interview with General Gorostieta one day before he was killed by the army. Mrs. Uribe was freed several months after her arrest. When some journalist asked her how she was feeling in the prison, she answered: “Las jaulas no se hicieron para las águilas” “Cages were not made for eagles”

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