#264 – Alexamenos Worships God

The graffito blasfemo graphically represents the type of persecution that Christians faced in the Roman Empire. Scandalous at the time it was made, it now stands as a powerful testimony to the Christian faith.

Article on the Alexamenos graffito
An interesting and informative talk on the image of the crucifixion in art

Green, Bernard. Christianity in Ancient Rome: The First Three Centuries. New York: T & T Clark, 2010
Lampe, Peter. From Paul to Valentinus: Christians at Rome in the First Two Centuries. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2003
Sheckler, Allyson Everingham. “The Crucifixion Conundrum and the Santa Sabina Doors”. Harvard Theological Review 103, no. 1 (2010): 67-88

A clearer image of the Alexamenos graffito and the Staurogram

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podcasticon#264 – Alexamenos Worships God


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