#240 – The Formation of an Identity Part 1

Continuing our extended look at the history of the Eastern Catholic Church in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with a special focus on how the Eastern Catholic Church began to understand its relationship to the Orthodox and Roman Catholics.

Image: Formerly Eastern Catholic, now Orthodox Church in Turzańsk, Poland by Tomasz Kuran

Barbara Skinner – The Western Front of the Eastern Church. Uniate and Orthodox Conflict in 18th-century Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia 2009
David A. Frick – Melitij Smotryc’kyj 1995
Demetrius E. Wysochansky, O.S.B.M. – Josaphat Kuntseviych – Apostle of Church Unity 1987
Joseph Macha, SJ – Ecclesiastical Unification. A Theoretical Framework Together With Case Studies From the History of Latin-Byzantine Relations 1974
Paul Magocsi – A History of Ukraine 1996
Serhii Plokhy – The Cossacks and Religion in Early Modern Ukraine 2001

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podcasticon#240 – The Formation of an Identity Part 1

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