#237 – Peter’s Pence

Every year the the Catholic Church asks Catholics to aid those in need through Peter’s Pence. This collection has changed somewhat since its 8th century beginnings but still seeks to help the poor.

Vatican website on Peter’s Pence with information on contributing on-line
In the United States, you can also send contributions to:

Peter’s Pence Collection
The Apostolic Nunciature
3339 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008

The USCCB’s website with more information on this year’s Peter’s Pence collection

Sources for this episode –

Rupert Klieber. “Efforts and Difficulties in Financing the Holy See by Means of Peter’s Pence. Can Ultramontanism be quantified?” in The Papacy and the New World Order. Vatican Diplomacy, Catholic Opinion and International Politics at the Time of Leo XIII. ed. Vincent Viane. Leuven University Press. 2005. pp. 287-302

John F. Pollard. Money and the Rise of the Modern Papacy. Financing the Vatican, 1850-1950. Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2005

SQPN’s Catholic New Media Celebration

Be sure to check out the CUTH blog for more on the history of the Catholic Church

Send e-mail questions and comments to catholicunderthehood@gmail.com or leave voice mail at 1 740 936 4354

To listen, just click on the link below:

podcasticon#237 – Peter’s Pence


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    Hope your trip back to the heartland goes well. Enjoy your time here in the area of the Sunflower State!

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