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  1. Jason M.
    Posted January 17, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Thank you Father for an interesting and (as always) enlightening podcast. You did a delicate job of walking all the fine lines which must accompany a potentially contentious topic of this type. For the most part, I think you provided a fairly balanced account of Fr. Coughlin who was a great man of the cloth and in his own way a fierce patriot of the USA.

    In fairness to the “Axis” side and to maintain balanced historical accuracy, it should also be noted that all the major western protagonists to the conflict: Roosevelt (Rosenfelt), Churchill, Stalin, Eisenhower (Eisenhaur), were all at least partially Jewish, and identified strongly with those ethnically and/or religiously Jewish. (Which could not help in turn create a world view diametrically opposed to anything coming even close to less than full and total support of Jewish interests.) While I personally in no way condone all the actions taken by Fascists in their racial aims, it is a documented fact that non-U.S., British, and Soviet world views were suppressed before, during, and after the war within the confines of the States and Great Britain(and continue so to this very day.)In fact, even examining Axis claims in any serious light in modern Western Europe can land one directly in prison.

    In the contemporary sense from which Fr. Coughlin gave his radio addresses, he was quite correct in wishing to share a non-US/Anglo/Soviet view and the Germans were in fact quite correct in stating that U.S. suppression, censorship and propaganda (such as cartoon globes with Germans circling the globe in one direction and Japanese encircling the globe from the other) which was a fact of life in Roosevelt’s administration (in addition to the active suppression of actual German camp numbers, creation of atrocity shrunken head stories, gag orders on the press to cover up Roosevelt’s physical infirmities and marital indiscretions to land him a third term in office and so forth), was in full force before and during the conflict. Whether or not Fr. Coughlin received or did not receive outside funding from the National Socialists does not negate the valid points of their own claims.

    The full merits or lack thereof for either side of the conflict is in and of itself a lengthy and complex topic. Personally, I am forever glad that at least a few brave souls such as Fr. Coughlin at least made an attempt to bring other views to the table for consideration. Especially now that we live in a police state not unlike the U.S. of WWII, in which anyone daring to voice a non-Holocaust centric view of the world is considered to be a hate monger and traitor.

    This has gone on perhaps a bit at length and I don’t expect you to publish it given the content that I have written. Nevertheless, I very much enjoy your podcast and always find it to be an immensely fruitful learning experience.

    Keep up the great work! God bless,

    Jason M.

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