#139 – Boy Bishops and Other Traditions


Listen to me sing the Boar’s Head Carol while talking about how to make your children into bishops and other traditions for celebrating Christmastide.

House Blessings
Boy Bishops
Boar’s Head Carol

DVD for That Catholic Show – It’s fun, educational and a great way to learn the faith!
Advent Meditations

“Here we come a-caroling” by Doug Boldt
“If Everyday were Christmas” by Podsafe for Peace
Both via Podsafe Music

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podcasticon#139 – Boy Bishops and Other Traditions



  1. Posted January 1, 2008 at 10:26 am | Permalink | Reply

    Boy bishop-Salisbury Cathedral,England
    Twelve-year-old Jack Cox, Bishop’s Chorister (head chorister) of Salisbury Cathedral Choir and from Salisbury, assumes the role of Boy Bishop during Evensong in the Cathedral on Sunday December 9 at 3.00pm.
    The service is a celebration of an ancient tradition and also an acknowledgement of the important part the boy choristers play in the Cathedral’s musical life.
    As Boy Bishop, Jack will lead the prayers, bless the congregation and receive the collection. The highlight of the service is undoubtedly the sermon which is both written and delivered by the Boy Bishop.

    There are various Anglican Cathedrals (formerly our cathedrals before the Reformation where this custome has been revived!Great Fun! Ev x

  2. Posted January 1, 2008 at 10:29 am | Permalink | Reply

    Boy Bishop George Hanks
    New Hereford Boy Bishop
    Hereford Cathedral has chosen George Hanks as their next Boy Bishop…
    The former Head Chorister George Hanks will be enthroned as Boy Bishop in the historic ‘Ceremony of the Boy Bishop’ at Hereford Cathedral.
    George is 15-years-old and he became a chorister at the cathedral in 2002; he left in 2006 when his voice changed.
    During that time he sang at several hundred services in the cathedral, and also took part in many broadcasts for radio and television, and three tours of the USA.
    “George was a splendid chorister in every way, and I was delighted when I heard that the Dean had invited him to be the 2007 Boy Bishop.”
    Geraint Bowen, organist and director of music at Hereford cathedral
    The ceremony, which is mediaeval in origin, recognises the importance of revelry and celebration in fighting off the cold and dark of mid-winter and was originally devised with fun-loving choristers in mind.
    Its climax comes when the chosen boy replaces the Bishop of the diocese on the throne, going on to lead the prayers and preach a sermon written by himself.
    As part of the famous Twelve Days of Christmas, this ceremony has always been surrounded by fun, but now equally reminds the congregation of the importance of humility and encourages them to adopt new perspectives.
    The title of Boy Bishop is awarded by the Dean to a chorister of good character whose voice has recently broken.
    Geraint Bowen, organist and director of music at the cathedral said:
    “George was a splendid chorister in every way, and I was delighted when I heard that the Dean had invited him to be the 2007 Boy Bishop.
    “We shall all look forward to his sermon with interest.”
    George Hanks said he’s still thinking about his address:
    “I still haven’t really planned my sermon yet, although it will definitely include stories of my experience of being in the choir”.
    Hereford Cathedral is one of only a handful of cathedrals that continues to practise this tradition, which takes place at 3.30pm on Sunday 9 December.
    Still more there are pictures too but dont know how to upload!

    Ev xxx

    Check out mary in Monmouth podcast from the ancient kingdom of Gwent!

  3. Posted January 23, 2008 at 4:34 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hereford and Salisbury used to be in Catholic hands until 1600 and are not administered by Anglicans. However in 2005 Westminster Cathedral (premier Catholic Cathedral in London) also revived the Boy Bishop tradition there as part of Jubilee celebrations and they have just had the tenure of the second boy bishop! Ev

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