#105 – Praying for the Dead

We may not normally think about remembering those that have gone before us during the Lenten Season, but in this episode we look at the importance of praying for the dead as part of our Lenten conversion and why we can hope in God’s saving power.

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Atlanta Eucharistic Congress

(Ascribed to St. John Chrysostom)

God, You alone of all spiritual and material beings destroyed death, broke Satan’s power and granted life to the whole world; Lord, we now pray that you will also grant rest to the soul of Your departed servant N. May they have a light-filled dwelling full of freshness and peace where pain, sorrow, and sadness are no more. You are a gracious God who loves humanity, and since there is none alive who has not sinned, we ask You to forgive him/her every sin committed by him/her in thought, word, or deed. You alone are sinless, Your justice lasts forever, and Your word is always truthful.

For You are the resurrection, the life and the peace of Your departed servant N., O Christ our God, and we glorify You, with Your Eternal Father, and Your most Holy, gracious, and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen.

Picture – “Cemetery Angels 3” by Linda McNally from from stock.xchng

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To listen to the episode, click on the link below:
#105 – Praying for the Dead


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