#80 – Purrfect Joy

A lighter episode of Catholic:Under The Hood with humorous commercials, our first lesson in Liturgese and the word “transphixiate” and what happens when a skinny nerd type hangs out with the ROTC.

Join us for the fun!

“Sin” and “God’s Voice Mail” by Vice Versitile at soundclick.com
“If I Laugh” by Uncle Seth from Podsafe Music


Sind e-mail and .mp3 voice mail to catholicunderthehood@gmail.com. Leave audio feedback at 1-740-936-4354.

To listen, click on the link below:

#80 – Purrfect Joy


One Comment

  1. Jay
    Posted September 25, 2006 at 6:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks very much for including Uncle Seth’s music in this podcast!

    Jay from Uncle Seth
    Toronto, Canada

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