#69 – A Visit to the Icon Corner: The Dormition

As part of the Podcast Carnival in Honor of the Assumption, we will be looking at the spirituality of the Icon of the Dormition of Mary and what it reveals about our relationship to the Blessed Mother and to her Son.

Be sure to visit the other podcasts that will be doing special shows in honor of the Assumption:

Catholic Rockers
Grapevine News Minute
Christus Vincit
Life on Fire
The SaintCast
St. Michael’s RCIA

Background Music was “The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin” from Biber Rosary Sonatas by Pavlo Beznosiuk from Magnatune.com

Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to catholicunderthehood@gmail.com

You will need QuickTime to watch the video.

To watch the podcast, just click on the below:
A Visit to the Icon Corner: The Dormition


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