#63 – The Faith in Lebanon

As fighting continues in Lebanon, this episode takes a look at the history of the Catholic presence in that country. We learn more about the different Catholics that live in Lebanon – especially the Maronites, hear some Maronite chant, and join them in praying for peace.

Popemobile Auction
Vatican Operators
Catholic School sues over Wikipedia entry

Links on Catholicism and Lebanon:
On Lebanon and the Maronites
Pope Benedict orders Maronites to shelter Philippine Catholic workers
Maronite Chant
Saint Sharbel
Lebanese Bishops call for Cease Fire

Gerard Manley Hopkin’s “Peace”

Klingon Word of the Word
The Antiochene Syriac Maronite Church Podcast

“Perfect Peace” by Simply Praise from Podsafe Music

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To download this episode, click on the link below
The Faith in Lebanon


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