#50 – Sacrament Most Holy

Today we look at the celebration of Corpus Christi and Father’s Day. We also review of Nacho Libre and take a stab at radio theater. Again, you can e-mail comments and questions to catholicunderthehood@gmail.com.

Nacho Libre site
Corpus Christi entry in Catholic Encyclopedia
N-Town Mystery Plays modernized by Stanley J. Kahrl and Alexandra Johnston
Mystery Play entry in Catholic Encyclopedia
St. Therese of Lisieux’s poem to the Angel of the Eucharist

A Klingon Word From The Word

“Panis Angelicus” adapted by Joel Rosenberger
“Dad’s Song” from “The Depths of a Year” by Ehren Starks from Magnatune.com

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You can send e-mail to catholicunderthehood@gmail.com

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Sacrament Most Holy


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