#41 – Every Mother’s Way

It’s the Mother’s Day episode and we look at the place of our Mother Mary in the Catholic faith, the history of Mother’s Day, and answer a listener’s question about the differences of the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection.

The SaintCast
Daily Breakfast

Titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Cherie Blair on motherhood and the Catholic faith
Alice Meynell’s “To the Mother of Christ, the Son of Man”

Alina’s vocation story at the Disciples With Microphone’s Catholic:Under The Hood forum

“Toy” from “Jane Pickeringes’ Lute Book” by Jacob Heringman from Magnatunes
“Happy Mother’s Day” by The Alice Project from Podsafe Music [you can also go to Podsafe Music for more songs from Ginnicide [Ginny Kim] whom we heard on the last episode.

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Every Mother’s Way


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