#21 – Living Holiness

This week on Catholic:Under The Hood we look at the idea of holiness. First we will talk about the process of becoming a saint and see that process in action with the lives of the Georgia martyrs. After some music and some more of the weird and wacky in the Catholic Church, we will look at holiness in the life of Jean Vanier. Links related to these topics are: Canonization Process Georgia Martyrs Jean Vanier Wacky News: Peppermint sniffing Benedictine Calender Dormant Manliness iPod Suit Other Links: iPadre Theosis Catholic Podcasts Our music is Heartless by Michael Burks from Podsafe Music. Please take a few moments to vote for Catholic:Under The Hood. Also, please leave comments here on the site or via e-mail at seraphimtor@hotmail.com You can also visit the Catholic:Under The Hood forum at Disciples With Microphones. To download this week’s podcast, click on the below- Living Holiness


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  1. JStark
    Posted February 6, 2006 at 8:54 pm | Permalink | Reply


    This is Mrs. S aka Jeanne Stark of Tampa, Florida


    Great Blog. Thank God a friar showed uppppppppppp. There is hope in blog ville. Sensible thing for God Almighty to shove thee to do.

    I am a summer FUS Grad Education older student. Long story. I am also an alum from the c/o 1985.

    Thank God you are here. Now convince the rest of your dear holy bros in training that they too need blogs.

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