#16 – Happy New Year!

We begin this week’s episode with a sound seeing tour of some of the very interesting artwork that can be found in the Plaza, one of the most popular tourist sites in Kansas City as well as a brief look at the relationship between art and Catholicism.

You can find more photos from the plaza at my Flickr site.

You can find out more about Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza at these sites:

Official Site of the Country Club Plaza
Palmer’s Walking Guide to the Country Club Plaza

You can also find out more in the book The Plaza:First and Always by William S. Worley.

After the tour, we take a look at New Year’s Day, why we celebrate it on January 1st and what it has to do with the Catholic Church.

Music heard on this week’s podcast from the Podsafe Music Network:

New Year’s Resolution by Chris Ayer
Auld Lang Syne by Friction Bailey

Podcast promos heard in this podcast:
Catholic Rockers
Voice of Mary

You can find out more about these podcasts and other Catholic Podcasts at catholicpodcasts.info

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I encourage you to leave me e-mail or audio comments at seraphimtor@hotmail.com. You can also leave comments on the website or over in the forums at Disciples With Microphones.

To download this weeks episode, just click on the or the link below:

Happy New Year!


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  1. mr. guiles
    Posted December 31, 2005 at 5:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Thanks for playing us on your show!


    Steve of Friction Bailey

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