#10 – Tenth Episode!

Hard to believe were already at the tenth episode! Glory to God – here’s to another ten.

This week we start a new segment in Catholic:Under The Hood looking at famous Catholics in history beginning with Servant of God Reverend Prince Dimitrius Augustine Gallitzin. Father Gallitzin has a special connection with me as he helped found the city of Loretto, Pennsylvania where the motherhouse of my order is located. He did an amazing amount of labor for the Lord and continues to serve as a model for priests today.

We also take another trip to the Icon Corner and look at the icon of the Feast of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple in honor of the feast that will be celebrated on the 21st.

Finally, I add some of my own commentary about the nature and future of Catholic podcasting.

Links to material in this week’s podcast.

For further information about Servant of God Dimitrius Gallitzin, check out this site which is seeking his canonization – Official Site:Canonization of Prince Dmitrius Gallitzin

Here you can find the Protoevangelium of St. James

In the podcast, I played the song “Safe” by Amy Dalley which is available via Podsafe Music.

You can find the full article for Jonathon Last’s “God on the Internet” on the First Thing’s website.

Check out the podcasts mentioned in this week’s episode and try out the other Catholic podcasts listed on the website! If you like them, be sure to vote for them on Podcast Alley! Support Catholic media!

Going Fourth

Catholic Mormon Podcast

Help Mission Hope and the Church suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

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Tenth Episode


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