#9 – The New Priest

This week I talk about my first week as a priest, my ordination and hearing confessions. I also talk about the new podcast I will be producing: From Advent to the Presentation. Here are some other links that appear in this week’s episode:

Promos –
Catholic Rockers

Information about Mission Hope –
Disciples With Microphones’ materials on Mission Hope available here, here, and here.

Music –
All by Matt Brady via Podsafe Music

To listen to this week’s episode, just click on the below or subscribe via iPodder or your favorite aggregator with the feedburner link in the “Links” section.

Again, thanks for listening!

The New Priest


One Comment

  1. rob - catholicmormon
    Posted November 14, 2005 at 9:39 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Father – Great podcast. Of special interest to me was your feelings heading into your first confesson. Incase you’re wondering, I was listening to your podcast at 32,000 feet somewhere between Cinncinatti and Albuquerque as I headed out to work this week…

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