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#305 – A History of the Catholic Church – A Christian Space


The end of the second century/beginning of the third brought with it continued suffering of persecutions and martyrdoms. The example of Perpetua and Felicity show us not only the practice of the faith in Carthage, but also show us how the important call to martyrdom was experienced from a first hand account.

The end of the second century/beginning of the third will also bring with it the rise of the catacombs – places where Christians can celebrate the example of the martyrs and where Christian art will have its beginning.


Image – Perpetua and Felicy by Lawrence OP

The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Interesting article by William Tabbernee on the Church of Carthage at the time of the martyrdoms of Perpetua and Felicity

Travel through the Catacombs of Saint Priscilla via Google Maps

Christian symbols and art in the catacombs

Image of Orpheus, Endymion sleeping under a Tree, Jonah being spat out of the whale and Daniel in the lions’ den in Catacombs

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