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#331 -A History of the Catholic Church – Marked With The Seal


In the years prior to the outbreak of the Great Persecution, the martyrdoms of the Theban Legion and Saint Maurice, Saint Maximilian, and Saint Marcellus demonstrated that it was difficult for the Christian soldiers to serve both Christ and the Emperor. In this episode, we also begin our look at how Armenia became the first country to adopt Christianity.


Image: Saint Maurice by Matthias Grünewald

Donald F. O’Reilly, The Theban Legion of St. Maurice, Vigiliae Christianae, 32, 1978, 195-207

The Passion of St. Maximilian of Tebessa

David Woods – The Origin of the Cult of St. Maximilian of Tebessa

The Passion of St. Marcellus of Tingis

Agathangelos – History of St. Gregory and the Conversion of Armenia

Saint Gregory the Illuminator

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#331 – A History of the Catholic Church – Marked With The Seal