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#304 – A History of the Catholic Church – Having Preeminent Authority


Having looked at several different heresies and the responses of the Church authorities to that – emphasis on the monepiscopacy, apostolic tradition and the development of the New Testament Canon. In this episode, we reflect on the growth and continuing importance of the authority of the bishop of Rome. We also look at the struggle about inculturalization – how much should the Church adapt to the Hellenistic culture?

We will also look at the Church of the East and see how it dealt with many of these same issues.


Image – Christ Handing the Keys to St. Peter by Pietro Perugino

Eusebius on the Quartodeciman Controversy

A Map of Parthia showing Media and Bactra where Christianity had spread by this time can be found here.

Another map showing the spread of Christianity by 200 AD.

The Diatesseron of Tatian

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