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#90 – Freedom of Choice

In this episode, I try to tackle the sticky problem of predestination – if God knows all we do, how can we be free? I also talk about some movie news.

The Nativity Story
Catholic Praise Cast
Catholic Rockers
Going Fourth

“Find A Way” by Road Trip from Podsafe Music

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#90 Freedom of Choice

Catholic:Under The Hood on hold

My computer has gone temporarily kaput which means that I will be unable to record any new podcasts until it gets repaired. Sorry, I’ll be posting new podcasts as soon as possible.

Interview with Fr. Michael Scanlon

I did an interview with Fr. Michael Scanlon, TOR about the Cursillo movement which you can hear over at the Going Fourth podcast along with a piece from Dr. Scott Hahn. Check it out!

Blogger problems

I had some problem getting the last episode up. First Blogger saved it several times without me realizing it. Then it collapsed before I could delete the extras. My apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced. I knew that the date 06/07/06 was going to be unlucky!


I noticed after the first couple of downloads of episode #43 went out that I had the wrong tags for the file – the size of the file is also too short, the file should be almost one hour long. The corrected version is okay, but those who downloaded it before 11PM on Sunday night may want to download it again. The audio is entirely the same.

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#36 – A Video Visit to the Icon Corner – Easter Sunday

Join with Catholic:Under The Hood in another meditation upon the icons of the Eastern Church by looking at the icon of the Resurrection. This icon is based upon the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus and is sometimes called the Harrowing of Hell because it relates Christ descent among the dead to free the souls of those who died before his resurrection.

Today we celebrate Christ’s victory over death and, in turn, our own libertation from the forces of death and darkness. Christ died for the sake of the world and in him the whole world is reborn.

For more information about the Harrowing of Hell, check out this link.

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A Video Visit to the Icon Corner – Easter Sunday

#35 – A Video Visit to the Icon Corner – Good Friday

Join me in a meditation upon the icons of the Crucifixion and the Deposition for the Cross as we contemplate Christ’s saving death upon the Cross.

The icons we will look at for this episode reflect the sorrow over the suffering and death of Jesus while also revealing the glory of the salvation that we have obtained through his love. I invite you to also spend time reflecting upon the icons in prayer, uniting yourself to our Saviour’s redeeming grace.

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A Video Visit to the Icon Corner – Good Friday