Today in Catholic History – The Martyrdom of St. Theodoret of Antioch

On 22 October 362, St. Theodoret of Antioch was martyred under the reign of Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate.

Theodoret had refused to turn over the treasury of one of the Antiochean churches to the Roman authorities and was arrested. When Theodoret was brought before the Roman governor of Syria also named Julian, Theodoret condemned the apostasy of the governor who had abandoned Christianity and returned to paganism. Theodoret was tortured and later condemned to be killed by beheading.

There is a Christian tradition that Theodoret prophesied the death of Emperor Julian in battle against the Sassanid Empire.


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    as saint Theodoret enjoy in heaven,i pray that he help me also to say the thruth in every sistuations,AMEN.

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