Today in Catholic History – Consecration of Boniface II and Dioscorus

On 22 September 530, Boniface II was consecrated to the papacy in the Lateran Palace in Rome and Dioscorus was consecrated in the Lateran Basilica.

Boniface II had been the candidate of Pope Felix IV. Dioscorus had been chosen by sixty of the sixty seven priests of Rome. The priests of Rome were concerned that Boniface, an Ostrogoth, would permit too much Ostrogothic influence in Rome. The Ostrogoths had earlier influenced the papal election of Felix IV.

The conflict between the two claimants would be resolved when Dioscorus died 22 days later and Boniface would be accepted by the Roman clergy as well. Boniface would later require those who had supported Dioscorus to condemn his memory. However Pope Agapetus I would later lift this condemnation.

The conflict between Boniface and Dioscorus was part of the increasing struggle between the Germanic Ostrogoths and the Byzantines for control of Rome.


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