Today in Catholic History – The Founding of San Marino

On 3 September 301, Saint Marinus established the country of San Marino – the fifth smallest state in the world.

Saint Marinus, at this time known as Marinus the Dalmatian, had fled to Mount Titano to escape the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian. Mount Titano is the highest mountain in San Marino and there, on land given to him by the Riminese noblewoman Felicissima, Marinus established a small Christian monastery. Felicissima urged the followers of Marinus to remain always in unity. After Saint Marino’s death, the community which grew out of the monastery became known as the Land of San Marino and today as the Republic of San Marino.

Today is a national holiday for San Marino, you too can celebrate with a Bustrengo.


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