Today in Catholic History – The Battle of Petrovaradin

On 5 August 1716, the Austrian Empire overcame the Ottoman empire at the Battle of Petrovaradin or Peterwardein – now in Serbia.

The Austrian army, led by Prince Eugene of Savoy, though outnumbered by the Ottoman forces 83,000 to approximately 120 to 150 thousand inflicted a significant defeat on the Ottoman forces. The Ottoman commander, Silahdar Damat Ali Pasha, was slain as were approximately 6,000 Ottoman soldiers. While the early stages of the battle appeared to indicated a victory for the Ottomans, the eagerness of their attack left their right flank exposed – a weakness that Prince Eugene was quick to spot and exploit.

After the battle, a church commemorating the victor was built on the hill over the battlefield. The church of Our Lady of Tekije or Snowy Mary is held in honor by both Orthodox and Catholics. It has an Orthodox and a Catholic altar and is used as worship by the two faiths.


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  1. Posted August 9, 2010 at 4:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Battle of Petrovaradin: wow, this is amazing information concerning the use of a church for both east and west. Here’s something I read on the Byzantine Catholic forum regarding a church being jointly built today by Orthodox and Catholics in Ukraine.

    Best, Mary Ward

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