Today in Catholic History – Pope Paul VI meets Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey

On this day in 1966, Pope Paul VI met with Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey in the Sistine Chapel. This was the first meeting between the heads of the Catholic and Anglican churches in 400 years.

Paul VI and Archbishop Ramsey would sign a common declaration stressing their desire to work together on issues of mutual importance such as dealing with issues involving mixed marriages of Anglicans and Catholics. This dialogue would be “founded on the Gospels and on the ancient common traditions”.

Paul VI also presented the archbishop with the episcopal ring he had wore as Archbishop of Milan. This ring is still worn by the Archbishops of Canterbury when they visit the Pontiff.

This meeting would also lead to the establishment of the Anglican Center in Rome.

Time Magazine’s article on this meeting can be found here.
A photo of the meeting where the Holy Father presented the Archbishop with a 13th century fresco of Christ can be found here.


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