#25 – A Video Visit to the Icon Corner – The Awesome Judgement

In preparation for the upcoming time of Lent in the Catholic Church, let us meditate upon the Icon of the Awesome Judgment of God. This is one of the more complicated icons we have looked at with images both of the general and particular judgements present in Matthew 25 and Revelation 20.

This Lenten time is valuable both for moving away from those things which seek to distract our attention from God and moving toward those things which guide us into greater love for our neighbor. Reflecting upon the many messages contained in this icon can be useful in accomplishing both of those goals.

For a different representation of this icon in which the words of the Gospel of Matthew are clearly visible, visit this link.

For more information about the Orthodox Church’s understanding of toll houses, visit this link.

Discuss this icon at the Catholic:Under The Hood forum!

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The Awesome Judgement


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