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Morning Catholic Links – Feast of the Assumption Around the World

Assumption procession in Greece

Assumption devotions in Greece

Assumption celebrated by Armenian Apostolic Church

The Feast of the Assumption and the Arabic Woodstock

Assumption in India

Assumption in Cleveland’s Little Italy

Italians also celebrate Ferragosto

Morning Catholic Links – Franciscans, Benedictines, Birds and pictures with the Pope

Franciscan Friars visit Nicaragua

Venerable Monk Shares Herbal Lore at Master Gardeners’ Trailside Site

Life-size cutouts of Pope Francis pop up ahead of Philadelphia

Rev. Birdsall tends to a different flock

Papal Artifacts offers unique collection of Church History

Father Richard Kunst offers a great deal of interesting history about the Papacy.

You can find out more at the Papal Artifacts website

Morning Catholic links

UNF students on the El Camino

New book on the Venerable Bede

The inspiration of Professor Jérôme Lejeune

The history of Ein Kareme