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#246 – The Bride of Christ

Saint Kassia, rejected by Emperor Theophilos, but proclaimed by the Eastern Church was one of the most important hymnographers in medieval Christianity. Her writings and work attracted the attention of the people of God of her time and continue to inspire Christians today. Links: The Hymn of Kassia/Kassiani sung by the choir of Saint Mary […]

Today in Catholic History – World Premiere of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

On 7 May 1824, Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his Ninth Symphony or “Ode to Joy” at the K√§rntnertortheater in Vienna to a large audience who came to see his first on-stage appearance in twelve years. The premiere was a great success “the public received the musical hero with the utmost respect and sympathy, listened to […]

#200 – The King and The Church

It’s Episode #200 and what a better topic than The King! Elvis’ had a scandalous and an inspirational relationship with the Catholic faith from the beginning of his musical career until it’s end. Indeed he continues to inspire some Catholics in different ways today. Plus, the CNMC and Bears. A special thanks to all of […]


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