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#283 – Te Deum

The Te Deum is one of the oldest and most important hymns of the Catholic Church. It has pride of place at the most important celebrations of the Church. Many composers have written their own versions of the hymn, including one composer whose Te Deum cost him his life. Links: The Te Deum in Latin […]

#254 – The Congolese Rite

From the earliest days of the Church, Catholics have sought how to best express the eternal truths of the faith in their own distinctive cultural experience. While the Catholic faith came to the Democratic Republic of the Congo through European missionaries, the Congolese people have sought liturgical expressions which come from the Spirit that truly […]

Today in Catholic History – The End of the Sacrament House

On 21 August 1863, the Sacred Congregation of Rites prohibited the placing of the Blessed Sacrament in what was called a Sacrament House. For much of Catholic History there were no uniform regulations regarding the placement of the Blessed Sacrament other that the location where the Sacrament was kept be secure and visible. Some churches […]

#211 – Catholic Schools versus the KKK

In the 1920’s the Ku Klux Klan tried to shut down Catholic and other private schools in Oregon in the name of protecting American values. The effects of this would go all the way to the Supreme Court and help define human rights in the United States even today. Plus, the Eucharistic Prayer in the […]

#202 – Confession and Communion – Part II

In the second part of our examination of the relationship between Confession and Communion we look at developments from the Council of Trent up to the present and see how the Church once again emphasized the Eucharist as a means of forgiveness and healing. Links: SQPN website and SQPN Connect Community Follow me on Twitter! […]

#201 – Confession and Communion Part I

From the beginnings of the Church, the confession of sins has been part of the reception of the Holy Eucharist, this episode looks at the historical reasons for that connection from the Apostolic times through the Middle Ages and what that connection shows us about our own connection to the Body of Christ. Plus, listener […]

#196 – Crowned in Marriage

A look at the Eastern Catholic/Orthodox rite of marriage and the theology of this most wonderful sacrament. Plus, a few words on the Franciscan Crown. Links: Music for this Episode Psalm 128 at the time of wedding from Don’t Cry Rachel by Ensemble Sreteniye at Magnatune Rejoice, O Isaiah/O Holy Martyrs/Glory to Thee, O Christ […]

#186 – The A Word

The history of “Alleluia” and why we don’t say it during the Lenten season, the Mission of the Eastern Catholic Church and a patron saint for metrologists – not meteorologists. Links: Out of Print Catholic Books Metrology work by Ephiphanius of Salamis SQPN Fundraising Drive Send e-mail questions and comments to or leave voice […]

#133 – On The Road Again

In response to a reader question, we take a look at the difference between Catholic and Lutheran beliefs about the Eucharist and whether Lutherans can receive Communion in Catholic Churches. I also talk about a possible Italian meet and greet and issue a prayer challenge! Remember, be kind to your priest! Links: Lutheran/Catholic Statement on […]

#121 – Matters of Faith and Worship

In this episode, I offer my observations on the recent Moto Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI and the CDF’s statement that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, why they are important and what they mean. Links: Moto Proprio – Summorum Pontificum Document of the CDF SQPN nominees for 2007 Podcast Awards Podcast […]


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